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Safe Payday Loans: 4 Reputable, BBB-Rated Payday Lenders

Avoid payday loan scams by using BBB-accredited payday lenders only. The Better Business Bureau is a trusted source of ratings and reviews on business reputation and ethical practices. A reputable payday loan company will have good standing with the BBB, will disclose its business address and have a working phone number, and will have clear guidelines and requirements for loan eligibility.

Safe Payday Loan Providers Reviewed: Payday loan stores with BBB-accreditation

  Company Location Founded Phone Number BBB Rating Loan Amount Turnaround Time Min FICO Score Website
#1 CashNetUSA Fort Worth, TX 2004 888-801-9075 A $300 to $3,000 48 hours 525 Visit
#2 SpeedyCash Salina, KS 2002 866-916-6639 B- $300 to $3,000 24 to 48 hours 480 Visit
#3 Cash Central N. Logan, UT 2001 800-460-4305 B- $100 to $500 24 hours 500 Visit
#4 PayDayOne Fort Worth, TX 2002 866-580-1226 C $100 to $1,000 48 hours 475 Visit

What you'll find in this review: CashNetUSA phone number. CashNetUSA loan requirements. CashNetUSA repayment period. SpeedyCash phone number. SpeedyCash loan requirements. SpeedyCash repayment period. CashCentral phone number. CashCentral loan requirements. CashCentral repayment period. PayDayOne phone number. PayDayOne loan requirements. PayDayOne repayment period.

How to get a safe payday loan:

Red flags to avoid. Red flags to look out for include companies that don't provide a phone number or a physical address. You should also beware of websites that don't exist at a simple URL that matches the company's name. And any company that guarantees approval is probably not telling you the truth.

What to look for. Look for companies that provide a mailing address and phone number. Call the number and verify that you can get a live person on the phone. Look for companies that are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Also, check the company's website's Google Pagerank - while this is not foolproof, websites with a high PageRank (4 or higher) have proven themselves over time to be reliable websites.

A few more wise things to do before getting your payday loan

For your safety, its key to investigate payday loan companies before you use their services. It is wise to a few minutes to investigate their history in your state so that you can make a more educated decision about which service may be right for you. Here are just a few things that you should do before you apply for a loan:

  1. Contact the Department of Financial Institutions in your state, to see if the service is licensed to operate in your state and to inquire if any complaints have been made against them.
  2. Contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in your state to see if they have any unresolved complaints against them and if whether they have adopted BBB standards.
  3. Before accepting funds from any lender, read all of the fine print and terms of the loan.
  4. Be sure that you have a way to pay off the loan in full in the time provided. If not, you will be required to pay additional fees to extend the loan.
  5. Make sure you have the funds in your account to pay the loan balance at the due date. If the lender tries to withdraw your repayment balance and you do not have the funds to cover the balance, you will be charged fees by your bank and may be held liable for fraud. If you find yourself short and don't have the funds to cover the balance on or near your due date, your should contact the service before the loan is due and consult with them on your options.
  6. If you have a low credit score, there are some specific payday loan options for low FICO scores.

So with that in mind, now on to more detailed reviews of these lenders:

CashNetUSA detailed review

CashNetUSA is a long-standing payday loan facilitator, having served over two million loans to over one million customers. Their website has a Google Rank of 5 (very high) and they are BBB-accredited.

How does the loan application work? CashNetUSA's loan application is completely online and takes just a few minutes. You input basic contact and financial information as well as your current employment information. In many cases you'll get an instant response, in others you need to get a review with a live loan officer, and this can take from 2-3 hours.

What are the application requirements? You must have a current income making at least $1,000 per month, be 18 years old and a US citizen to apply. You must also have a valid checking account into which funds will be transferred.

What if I have a low FICO score? A low FICO score does not disqualify you from being eligible from a CashNetUSA loan. In cases of bad credit, such as recent bankruptcy, a CashNetUSA agent will walk you through your options and help you get qualified for the right loan for your circumstances.

How much can I borrow? Your individual case will vary but in general loan amounts of $300 to $3,000 are available with CashNetUSA.

How do I repay my loan? 2-3 days prior to your loan due date, CashNetUSA will alert you and give you three options. You can repay the full amount, pay interest only, or defer your payment. Either way, you don't have to worry about missing a payment since CashNetUSA will remind you of any coming deadlines.

How quickly can I receive funds? From your application approval (which takes 30 minutes usually) you will receive the funds deposited and available into your checking account the next business day. Usually the cut off time is 5pm Central the previous day to receive funds the next day.

If you are looking for a payday loan provider with a longer repayment grace period, you might look into 100dayloans.

SpeedyCash detailed review

SpeedyCash is a major provider of quick payday loans, having been founded in 2004 and having served over half a million loan customers. The company has a good reputation as a reliable loan servicer with fair interest rates and a flexible repayment program.

Application process. SpeedyCash's application process is completely online, and no faxing is required. You need to enter in your basic contact and financial information, as well as your current employment information. Once you submit your application you'll typically get an answer within minutes, 24 hours a day.

What are the application requirements? You'll need to be currently employed and have an income of at least $800 per month. You also need to have a valid checking account into which you want your loan funds deposited. Of course, you'll need to be 18 years old and be a US citizen.

Can I apply with a low credit score? Yes, SpeedyCash specializes in customers with credit problems. The company will approve customers with low FICO scores and those with recent credit problems such as bankruptcy.

How much can I borrow? You can borrow up to $5,000 with SpeedyCash, but this depends on your individual case and your location. Typically, first-time borrowers will qualify for lower amounts in the $500 to $1,000 range.

How quickly will I get my cash? Typically, upon approval you will get the funds deposited and available for use the next business day. The application process can either be immediate or take 30-45 minutes if a review is needed. You should try to complete you application in the morning if you want to maximize your chances of funds being available the next business day.

How much does it cost? SpeedyCash charges APR rates on its loans which are competitive with others in the industry. See details on rates on their website.

Cash Central detailed review

CashCentral is a long-standing payday loan provider and is a popular option for quick and easy loans, albeit at lower amounts. You can get a quick $500 loan much easier than with competing loan sites.

How hard is it to get approved?

It's also easier to get approved on CashCentral than on other sites, we were able to get a $200 loan with a FICO score of 515. You'll need to be employed with a current income of at least $1,000 per month, and have been employed for at least 3 months. Also, you'll need a valid checking account into which funds can be deposited.

How hard is it to get subsequent loans?

Once you get approved for your first loan it is extremely easy to borrow small amounts regularly. CashCentral also has a Premier Membership which allows you to borrow cash instantly at lower rates.

How quickly will funds be available for withdrawal?

Funds are deposited to your account the next business day, provided you get your approval before 6pm Central time. The application process is quick and it took us a total of 30 minutes to do the applications and get approved. You can borrow from $100 to $500 with CashCentral.

When do I have to pay the loan back?

With CashCentral, you repay the loan amount at your next paycheck date, or within 18 days. You can have funds deducted electronically or send in payment.

How much do they charge?

CashCentral provides APRs which are lower than most payday loan sites, due to the smaller loan amounts and lower risk they take on. 

Logging on as a referred customer will expedite and prioritize your loan application.


PayDayOne detailed review

PayDayOne is another very popular payday loan provider, having served over one million loans. The PayDayOne website has a Google rank of 4 and gets about a million visitors per month.

Can I apply with a low credit score?

PayDayOne targets people with lower FICO scores - the loan amounts they pay out are lower than other providers, but its easier to get approved. PayDayOne's application process is very quick and we received our response within a few seconds of hitting the submit button. We applied under an account which had a FICO score of 565 and were able to borrow $800.

What's required on the application?

You just need to fill out some basic information about yourself and your job. You'll need a FICO score of at least 500 and have a current income of at least $750 per month. There's no paperwork or faxing required.

How quickly is money deposited?

Funds are deposited via electronic transfer and were available in our checking account the next business day. We had a question about our application and were able to get a live customer support rep on the phone within minutes. It's nice to know there were live people there we could talk to.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow from $100 to $1,000 with PayDayOne. 


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